9 Seater Car Hire Alicante Airport

Looking to hire a 9 seater car in Alicante?

Do it in minutes with us in a fast and secure way. Find out why our 9 seater cars are your best option to enjoy your time in Alicante.

Our 9 Seater Car in Alicante Airport

Renault Trafic

How to rent a 9 seater car with Us

We believe that renting a car should be a personalized and hassle free procedure.

Follow these 3 easy steps to hire you 9 seater car in Alicante:

  • Read the info about our car in this page.
  • Click here to fill in the renting form.
  • Send the form and we will be in contact with you to finalize the renting procedure.

Why do you need a 9 seater car in Alicante?

Throughout our years of experience renting cars in Alicante, we have seen that there are a few main reasons why people need 9 seater cars here.

There are many family and group activities to do in Alicante, therefore they are great for outings to water parks and theme parks in the area.

9 seater cars come in handy if you are planning on going on hikes up the mountain areas and natural reserves as you can fit all the necessary equipment in the car such as hiking gear.

The Alicante area also has a few golf courses, so a 9 seater car is also recommended when big groups want to do activities like golf as the extra space is handy for carrying golf equipment.

When should you consider hiring a 9 seater car in Alicante Airport?

There are certain instances when a big 9 seater car is your best option to travel around the Alicante area. In summary, is recommended to rent a 9 seater car when:

  • Travelling with extended family and/or friends that would like to travel and do activities together as they have more space for passengers.
  • If you are going to stay in the outskirts of Alicante where traffic is less busy, or you have your own parking spot, you won’t have any issues parking it regardless of the size.
  • Our 9 seater vehicles are the long-wheelbase version and therefore they have extra boot space to allow for more luggage, equipment, etc.
  • They are easy to drive, so anyone can drive them around the area so that everyone can enjoy the great views and activities Alicante has to offer.

Why hire a 9 seater car with EDI Rent A Car?

We are family owned company in Alicante and since we started in 1986, we’ve always had to goal of making everything transparent.

  • No hidden excess or deposit charges that could bring a surprise at the end of your stay in Alicante.
  • No credit card required to make a reservation.
  • A free additional driver in case you travel with others.
  • No fuel extra charge for your travels.
  • A free child seat for extra security.

We’ve acquired the reputation over the years of offering a close service that makes you feel part of the EDI family. Check out what our clients say about us!

FAQ about hiring 9 seater cars in Alicante Airport

We always get many questions about hiring a 9 seater car in Alicante.

We have compiled them in this FAQ to make sure you don’t have any doubts when you hire with us.

Is there any extra charge for a 9 seater car in Alicante?

No. However, they are more expensive than smaller vehicles as they are larger and have more capacity.

Are 9 seater cars common in Alicante?

Families and large groups tend to use 9 seater vehicles quite frequently in the Alicante area to make day trips and family outings easier to carry out and to guarantee that all their belongings fit in the car when travelling to and from the airport.

Should I reserve my 9 seater car in advance?

Yes. We have limited numbers of 7 & 9 seaters therefore booking in advance is advised.

Are 9 seater cars more expensive to insure?

The insurance policy is the same for all of the rental vehicles, regardless of the size, make or model. Therefore, there is no change in price for the client. (see insurance page for further details)

Can I drive a 9 seater with my normal license?

Yes, anyone can drive a 9 seater car.  Anything bigger than a 9 seater requires a HGV licence.