Car Hire With Free Child Seat Alicante Airport

Looking to add a child seat for free when you hire a car at Alicante Airport?

Hire with us in minutes in a fast and secure way and add a free child seat in one click.

Find out why we offer a child seat for free at Alicante and avoid unwanted extra charges.

Our cars in Alicante Airport with a free child seat option

Why do you need a child seat in Alicante?

There are certain rules and regulations to follow when it comes to children’s safety in travelling cars which we will explain below. By not following them you could face fines provided by the local authorities depending on your situation.

No child under the age of 12 years old should be sat in the front seats of the vehicle unless the other seats are occupied by younger children or objects i.e. the object must be larger than the boot space and require the use of the rear seating area of the vehicle.

  • Any child over the height of 1.35m (4ft 4inches) or over 36kg in weight (5 stone 6 ounces)  does NOT require any booster or car seat.
  • Children under 1.35m (4ft 4inches) and weighing between 18 and 36 kg (2st 8oz – 5st 6oz) require a booster seat.
  • Children that weigh between 9 and 18kg (1st 4oz – 2st 6oz) require a baby seat, which are available with and without isofix. Those with isofix have an extra cost of 20 euros for the duration of your rental.
  • Any smaller babies will need a MaxiCosi.

Why do we offer a child seat at Alicante Airport for free?

We feel it is unfair to repeatedly charge for a relatively small cost and for something that is necessary for you to have when you are travelling with small children.

The best way to enjoy your holiday is knowing that all members of the family are travelling in the safest way possible without having to worry about extra unaffordable charges.

Baby seats and booster seats are free of charge. However, those with baby seats and boosters that have isofix come with an extra charge of 20€ per hire, for the duration of your trip.

We do not charge you a price per day for your child seats and boosters, the price for the isofix ones is 20 euros if you are renting for a week or for three weeks. The other child seats are free of charge, there is no extra charge. 

It is important that you let us know in advance if you would like to rent one of our seats so that we can make sure there is one available for you, especially if you would like an isofix seat, as there is a limited availability.

How to rent a car with a child/baby seat with EDI

When you would like to hire a car at Edi Rent A Car we offer a simple solution.

  • Choose the car you want to hire from our list of cars in the top of the page.
  • Complete the reservation form with your details to save on time and hassle on arrival.
  • Add the required amount of seats (1, 2 or 3) on the reservation form and we will have the seat fitted for your arrival and the collection of the car.

This will make it a little bit easier for you and the little ones to start your holiday without having to wait for the seat to be prepared.

Tips to make sure you add a child seat for free

A few extra tips to make sure you add a child seat without extra charges are:

  • Check for all the details online and make sure you don’t miss any ‘small’ text information regarding the child seat charges. This is were many people overlook the conditions and miss important points. We offer all our information and conditions in a clear and easy to understand way.
  • Call the hiring company to make sure your needs fit with what they offer, so you can make sure you are satisfied with the pricing upon arrival and avoid extra charges. You can contact us anytime you want and ask us any questions!

Why hire a car with a child seat with EDI Rent A Car?

We are family owned company in Alicante and since we started in 1986, we’ve always had the goal of making hiring a car an easy and transparent procedure.

  • No hidden excess or deposit charges that could bring a surprise at the end of your stay in Alicante.
  • No credit card required to make a reservation.
  • A free additional driver in case you travel with others.
  • No fuel extra charge for your travels.
  • A free child seat for extra security.

We’ve acquired the reputation over the years of offering a close service that makes you feel part of the EDI family. Check out what our clients say about us!

FAQ about adding a child seat for free in Alicante Airport

We always get many questions about hiring a car in Alicante Airport with a child seat.

We have compiled them in this FAQ to make sure you don’t have any doubts when you hire with us.

What cars can I add the free child seat to?

All of our cars can be fitted with child/baby/booster seats.

Should I reserve my car seat in advance?

We would recommend booking in advance to save time on collection and to assure we will have one upon arrival.

Can I use my own child seat in a rental car?

You can bring your own seat if you prefer.

Does EDI install the child car seats?

The seats we provide are fitted perfectly for your arrival.