No Deposit / No Excess Car Hire Alicante Airport

Looking to hire a car at Alicante Airport without a deposit required?

Do it in minutes with us in a fast and secure way and avoid a high deposit.

Find out why we offer no deposit and how to acquire a no excess insurance so you can avoid unwanted extra charges in Alicante.

Our cars in Alicante Airport with no deposit/excess

Why do we offer No Deposit when hiring a car at Alicante Airport?

We do not take a deposit or hold any amount of money, all we ask is for our clients to be honest if any damages do occur during the time of their car hire.

At EDI Rent A Car we find that taking a deposit is unethical and is not suitable for our clients as we want to provide a trustworthy service. When companies ask for a deposit it is normally for personal gain rather than for damages.

What does a No Excess car hire cover?

We have an option in which you can obtain an insurance policy (40-50 pounds) and it covers you for 1 year on all car hire excess covers. Click on the following link to check out some offers:

If you would prefer not to obtain the extra insurance, when you rent a car with us, the insurance is fully comprehensive with a reliable and affordable excess, which will be a maximum 600€ and is only to be paid if the car is damaged and it is due to careless driving on the clients part.

If the damages were to cost more than 600€ you are not to worry as the maximum amount paid by the client will be 600€. This excess exists so that our clients take more care and don’t abuse the vehicle that they are provided with.

Bear in mind that you are renting a car that is worth thousands of euros and this gives us peace of mind for if something were to go wrong.

What doesn't it cover?

We want to be fully transparent with our clients and for that reason it is important to point out that there are some exceptions that our comprehensive excess insurance doesn’t cover.

  • Parking & Traffic fines. Traffic fines will also incur a 30€ administration fee.
  • Replacement keys.
  • Damage to tyres and wheels.
  • The hirer will pay all costs of repairing the damage to the vehicle if there is something left in the car and the car is broken into. The hirer is informed that any personal belongings left inside of the vehicle are not insured.
  • Incorrect fuel. It is the responsibility of the hirer to make sure the correct fuel is deposited into the vehicle, if not the hirer shall pay any costs incurred to repair the vehicle.

Tips hire a car with no deposit/excess in Alicante Airport

A few extra tips to make sure you avoid any extra charges on your card when hiring in Alicante area:

  • Check for all the details online and make sure you don’t miss any ‘small’ text information regarding the amounts of money the hiring companies can hold. This is were many people overlook the conditions and miss important points. We offer all our information and conditions in a clear and easy to understand way.
  • Call the hiring company to make sure your needs fit with what they offer, so you can make sure you are satisfied with the pricing upon arrival and avoid extra charges. You can contact us anytime you want and ask us any questions!
  • Make sure that all the damages that may be on the car you receive have been written down and acknowledged by the company.

Why hire a car with No Deposit with EDI Rent A Car?

We are a family owned company in Alicante and since we started in 1986, we’ve always had the goal of making hiring a car an easy and transparent procedure.

  • No hidden excess or deposit charges that could bring a surprise at the end of your stay in Alicante.
  • No credit card required to make a reservation.
  • A free additional driver in case you travel with others.
  • No fuel extra charge for your travels.
  • A free child seat for extra security.

We’ve acquired the reputation over the years of offering a close service that makes you feel part of the EDI family. Check out what our clients say about us!

FAQ about hiring a car in Alicante Airport with no deposit

We always get many questions about hiring cars with no deposit or excess.

We have compiled them in this FAQ to make sure you don’t have any doubts when you hire with us.

How can you offer a No Deposit?

We’ve been believing in our clients transparency since we began in 1986. If there’s an incident with the car we will communicate and sort out the situation with the No Excess insurance we offer.