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Looking to hire a car in Alicante Airport without any fuel charges?

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Hire a car without extra fuel charges in minutes, in a fast and secure way. Click any of the cars above to hire it.

Find out why our No Fuel Charge policy is your best option to enjoy your time in Alicante and avoid unwanted extra charges.

Our cars in Alicante Airport with no fuel charge

How to rent a car without a fuel charge

We believe that renting a car should be a personalized and hassle free procedure.

Follow these 3 easy steps to hire your car without a credit card in Alicante airport.

  • Read the info about our car in this page.
  • Click here to fill in the renting form.
  • Send the form and we will be in contact with you to finalize the renting procedure.

What is a no fuel charge policy in Alicante?

A no fuel charge policy means that we do not charge you any extra fees for your fuel tank when you rent a car from us.

We have been established in Alicante for over 30 years, and the most common hidden extra cost for people renting cars with other companies is the unexpected extra fuel charges after your visit to Alicante.


This is why we provide you with a car that has a full tank of fuel and all you have to do is return it with a full tank.


The only possible fuel related charge is if you were to return the car with less fuel than what it had upon arrival, if the cost to refill is over 4€ the client will be charged to the card they’ve provided us with upon arrival. We only charge the amount that goes into the tank to fill it up. There is no excess filing fee.

What other types of fuel policies are there?

Other types of fuel policy are full to empty tank.

However, we prefer not to use this kind of fuel policy because the client ends up paying more in fuel than they have actually used, as it is difficult to return a car with an empty tank as you need fuel to get to the airport.

We want to make sure your stay in Alicante doesn’t come with any extra charges and make renting a car here as smooth as possible.

Why is no fuel charge/full to full policy the best option in Alicante Airport?

We believe that a full to full policy is the best option for 3 reasons:


  • You won’t have to find the nearest petrol station upon arrival to reach your destination, you will simply pick up your car and be on your way with a full tank to your holiday home. It does not matter how far away your destination is, leaving with a full tank ensures that you will arrive without having to take any extra detours.
  • Another advantage of using this fuel policy is that you will not be paying excess in fuel, you only pay for what you have used.
  • Many companies will offer full to empty but they often overcharge the initial fuel charge. We only charge the price of the fuel from the local station situated 2kms from Alicante Airport.

Tips to make sure you hire the right fuel policy in Alicante

A few extra tips to make sure you hire the right fuel policy with your holiday car are:


  • Check for all the details online and make sure you don’t miss any ‘small’ text information regarding the fuel policy. This is were many people overlook the conditions and miss important points. We offer all our information and conditions in a clear and easy way to understand.
  • Call the hiring company to make sure your needs fit with what they offer, so you can make sure you are satisfied with the pricing upon arrival and avoid extra charges. You can contact us anytime you want and ask us any questions!

Why hire a car with No Fuel Charge with EDI Rent A Car?

We are family owned company in Alicante and since we started in 1986, we’ve always had to goal of making hiring a vehicle an easy and transparent procedure.

No credit card required to make a reservation.

A free additional driver in case you travel with others.

No hidden excess or deposit charges that could bring a surprise at the end of your stay in Alicante.

A free child seat for extra security.

No fuel extra charge for your travels.

We pick you up and drop you off in Alicante Airport

We’ve acquired the reputation over the years of offering a close service that makes you feel part of the EDI family. Check out what our clients say about us!

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FAQ about No Fuel Charge policy in Alicante Airport

We always get many questions about hiring the different types of fuel policies in Alicante.

We have compiled them in this FAQ to make sure you don’t have any doubts when you hire with us.

We provide the full to full policy as we like to offer a fair and convenient option for our clients. Many companies will offer full to empty but they often overcharge the initial fuel charge. We only charge the price of the fuel from the local station situated 2 kms from Alicante Airport

We have used the same fuel policy for the 34 years we have been open as we consider this is the fairest and most convenient fuel policy.

If you do not have time to fill the tank up before returning the car, don’t worry! We will fill it up for you and we only charge you for the amount that goes into the tank! There are no excess fees.

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